“I truly believe that you don’t need to be flexible, young or fit to do yoga – you just need to get on your mat (or one of mine!)”


I teach vinyasa yoga because I believe in the benefits of a strong, fluid and intelligent yoga practice.

My yoga journey began 15 years ago in Adelaide when I started attending classes sporadically to help balance my running and cycling habit. When I moved to Boston in 2005 I found a teacher who inspired me to deepen my practice and eventually to pursue teacher training. I have since returned to South Australia and relocated south of Adelaide where I have the privilege of managing (and teaching at) Salt Yoga.

My personal experience (and that of many of my students) has been that yoga helps to alleviate depression and anxiety, creates flexibility and strength and allows the mind to calm. I specialise in vinyasa (flow) yoga which uses a variable sequence of linked poses to stimulate the body and focus the mind.

Vinyasa yoga classes use linked asanas (poses) with the breath to create a flowing series of movements. Creating unity between the two necessitates the focusing of the mind until there is room for only the breath and the movement – no thoughts of the past or the future can sneak in. On a physical level, establishing a regular vinyasa yoga practice will create strength, flexibility and harmony in your body.

A vinyasa yoga practice leaves you feeling relaxed and energised in mind and body. Students often struggle to describe the sensation after a class, it is genuinely something that has to be felt to be understood.

In 2008 I received my yoga teaching qualifications from YogaWorks. Since then I have taught in studios, gyms and corporate environments. I’ve also taught many in-store classes at lululemon Athletica Adelaide which saw 40-50 students routinely attend each session. A highlight of my teaching career was being invited to teach at WOMADelaide in 2014, where I was lucky enough to share my yoga with a beautiful crowd. I was also blessed to have the opportunity to teach one of my favourite musicians, Michael Franti, during his tour in April 2014.

I’m passionate about making yoga accessible and comfortable for all sorts of people. Come as you are.


I have had an ongoing interest and self-practice in yoga for many years, continually evolving through experience and new learning.  Yoga has helped me keep in touch with change in my own body and mind through life experiences, pregnancies, many years of playing hockey, and in my work as a teacher.

I am a member of Yoga Australia. My initial teacher training was in Vinyasa and I have since trained in Core Yoga, Yin, and Yin/Yang yoga. Their complimentary aspects help me balance movement with stillness and effort with ease, making me more aware of what I need at different times.

I always feel privileged to be part of students’ exploration of yoga where they begin to connect the body, breath, mind and emotions. I love physical movement and creative expression and see a strong relationship between physical and emotional wellbeing and contentment in life.


I have been doing yoga my whole life and I love it! I remember when I was a child, I would take a book my mum had in the bookshelf which had yoga postures in and I would spend hours in my room contorting my body in all sorts of shapes and loving the feeling of flexibility throughout my body. Years later in High School I took an “extra curricula activity” which I chose Meditation. I learnt the beautiful sensation of connecting my breath with my body; in my yoga this translated to connecting the breath with movement. I began to feel this oneness, this wholeness of body and mind, I was hooked!

It appeared that from a young age I was destined to become a Yoga Teacher. However I did lose my practice for a long time as life became too busy and frantic and I prioritised other things. This unhealthy, busy life I had created for myself of constantly burning the candle at both ends left me in a state of complete and utter exhaustion! My body shut down. I became very sick (both physically and mentally) for many years. During this tough time I reconnected with Yoga and slowly but surely my health improved and my passion for yoga became stronger than ever. I experienced the healing effects that yoga can have on both the body and the mind and now I want to share this with others.

“Health is your wealth and you’re a long time dead” as John Butler said.

In August 2016 my dream came true as I completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Trimurti Yoga in the beautiful Amed, Bali. I am trained and qualified to teach a variety of styles of yoga; I specialise in Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga.

To me the most important aspect of Yoga is the union of the body, mind and soul. I practice this daily; I really listen and tune in to my body and in return I have never felt better inside my own body and how it responds to the world.

I invite you all to come and take a journey with me, whatever that journey may be. I look forward to seeing you on the mat 🙂

Namaste x



Hi yogi’s! My name is Lauren. After practicing yoga for several years, including ashtanga and vinyasa flow, I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training in August 2016, in the gorgeous village of Canguu, Bali. I learnt a range of meditation techniques, breath awareness, postures and movement, to unite the body, breath and spirit (in between surfing and sunshine).

Life’s all about balance! I absolutely loved it! In between working full time and a busy social and active life, making time to practice yoga is so beneficial to me. It improves flexibility, strength, your connection with your body and mind, leaving you with a sense of general well being.

Whether you practice every day or once a week, it can make a world of difference to the way you live your life and how you cope with modern day stresses and the western lifestyle. It certainly has for me. I teach Vinyasa Krama which is the progression of postures though combining breath with movement.

I specialize in beginners yoga and would love to see you at one of our beginner courses to share the yoga love with you all….namaste!


I first discovered yoga at age 20, purely because I was curious about the mysterious practice and had heard of its benefits for the mind and body. I began my yoga journey doing a beginners course in Iyengar at a nearby yoga studio and have never looked back since. From there, I dabbled in practicing different styles of yoga around Adelaide and soon after caught the ‘yoga bug’ and immersed myself in a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, where I truly unearthed my love for yoga. Since then, I have completed a variety of yoga training qualifications, such as yin yoga, prenatal yoga, and most recently, fertility yoga and women’s yoga.

Yoga has taught me so much about myself, but most importantly, it has taught me how to reconnect with my body and breath, which I believe is such a powerful tool to have in this lifetime. This is why I love to bring emphasis on body and breath awareness in my yoga classes.

My personal yoga practice has evolved over time where I can comfortably say that my body leads the way and the kind of practice I may move into. This means that it can look different from day to day. One day I may feel guided to flow from pose to pose, and then the next day I may feel like lounging over a bolster and holding a small selection of poses for 10 minutes each. As much as I enjoy a strong, fluid and flowing yoga practice, I also crave and appreciate a slow, gentle and restorative practice. Because we all need balance right?!

During my yoga classes my intention is to guide students through a practice of feel-good movement, whilst cultivating a sense of calm and ease. I also set the intention for each class to inspire students to connect with their body and breath and to fully immerse themselves in their own experience.

When I’m not on the mat teaching or delving into my own self-practice, you can find me being boss lady and holistic nutritionist over at Wholesome Wellness, where I specialise in all things women’s health, or you can find me lost in a book (normally about health and yoga), on a walk somewhere or on the beach, because that is my happy place.


Yoga has given me my dream to travel around the world. I have spent time in Ashrams throughout India, Nepal, Sri lanka, Israel and South East Asia, soaking in the vast cultural varieties of this world and receiving gratitude to the capability beyond our bodies.

Through my yoga practise and teaching I like to bring a direct experience of the Individual by enhancing wholeness connection through the grounding of the breath. As with every inhale we draw intention to focus inwardly, paying attention to our subtle bodies we learn through life experience via our sensataions, felt sense, feelings and emotions we become our own eternal empowerment source of lightness and darkness. As with every exhale there is a sense of renewal a space opening to enhance our own true direction, to re-centre, to reconnect and come back home physically to our needs.

For me Yoga is a path of integration as it enables insight and movement for the expansion of our consciousness. I’m learning everyday we hold our highest potential within and with the acknowledge that we are enough the hidden aspects of ourself naturally dissolve
or they integrate through our awareness of individual creativity.

My passion for human connection and fascination to understand more beyond the mind is found through my yoga practise of Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Yin, Retorative and transpersonal counselling.

200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher training in India with Universa Yoga studios (2015)
200 hours Hatha Flow Teacher Training in Bali with Blooming Lotus Yoga (2016)
Teaching since 2016 and practising since 2008


For the last decade, I’ve been exploring what a genuine spiritual practice looks and feels like. I’ve explored many disciplines and found value, truth and wisdom in each. What began as a curious exploration of yoga, soon became a powerful attraction. In the past years, I’ve practiced yoga in many styles and on multiple continents.

I understand yoga as a journey towards higher Self. My time on the mat began to translate to life off the mat in tangible ways. As my understanding of the yogic path has deepened, so has my self-acceptance. This led me to a teacher training so that I too could share yoga with others.

My classes are hatha flows, sequenced in a way to deepen ones’ practice, whilst simultaneously holding a space that feels less like the ‘holier than thou’ guru and more like your friendly mate. I love exploring together the delicate balance of effort/ease and strength/softness on the mat. Body and breath awareness are also strongly supported in my class.

I believe that yoga cultivates an honoring of self which leads to love of all beings and Gaia herself. I invite anyone and everyone to join me on the mat, and let’s breathe together for a while.